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Residencies & Funding

We are looking for residencies and funding opportunities that can support our work.

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In 2021, we received a grant from the John Hodgson Theatre Research Trust to support some of our sessions after a year practice with self-sponsorship. We would like to thank The John Hodgson Theatre \research Trust for their generous support.

Amongst all our encounters, quoted by Becky Horne, some of our main outputs are the following:

"SALVAGE is dedicating time to learn from others, without the hierarchy of pupil and teacher. And yet developing and sharing our individual practices in a supportive and curious space has provided me with more confidence to facilitate. I think this time has changed how I lead and propose tasks; it has trained me further in creating spaces where participants can develop their confidence, creativity and experiment, finding both enjoyment and rigor."

If you would like to support our activities directly you can donate through Patreon - coming soon.

If you have a brilliant idea where we could bring our bodies to other spaces, please get in touch.

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