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Our work


Scores can be many things to many people. In this context the scores are seeds to generate material/movement. Using them, moving between them, adapting them or rejecting them leads to a kind of choreography that is open and poetic, as the body is. Below you can find some of our scores.

Collated Scores

Work: variations of anything/everything

What have you been doing to care for yourself, stay in-shape or recover? Could these movements be used as a score for dancing?

Sumo wrestlers, workouts, rehabilitation, training and our favourite Instagram dancers, spilling from online into bodies


Walking and running backwards

For a long time

What does it mean and feel like to regress, to fall back & behind, to cease to progress forwards? To get worse at something? To retreat? What opportunities does this present for dancing?

Consideration: linear progression forward... What possible ways are there  of conceiving ‘advancing’? 

Grow roots to then grow branches...

Going back to go forward, up to go down (and down to go up!), slow down to speed up,  breathe out to breathe in again. Lose something and re-find it in a new light.  What does it mean and feel like to regress? When does moving forward cease?

Variations of walking


All the things you should have done
(as well as the aesthetics of failing)

As a dancer, as a person? What should have I been doing whilst there was less work available? What should I have learnt to do by now?


All the things you never feel the need to do again 


The things you need to do consistently 


What you could just do once, now


All the things you're not ready for


Something to waste your life with


Variations of Things


Catching up while dancing together 

The arriving, meeting, catching up, making plans that we experience before and after dance classes, muddled in with warm-up dancing and exercise and playing around and the “getting it out of your system” dancing.  

Maintaining ourselves together 

Dancing Backwards

Using the biggest space available

Dance now as you will in the future

In the present time, there are things that could go. What will remain? What new direction or interest arises? What am I waiting for?

Variations of Togetherness


Going slow and being in a hurry at the same time

Being in a hurry, within the 'frame'/shape of going slow. How do you deal with it? What is held and what emerges? Is there now a difference in cognitive & physical pace?  


Impossible stillness, stillness terminology 

Why does moving always seem like 'the work'? 


Haikus from the core

Variations of Speed

Do I need to be able to do this?

What does ‘being able to do this’ enable me to do?
Different ways to do the same thing. 


When the world is upside down: Handstands

What do we think we need, what do we want to be seen doing?

(what's the reason for practising handstands?)

To handstand as a rescue strategy from crashing down, an inverted moment of equilibrium, a change of perspective, an option... why not?

How to transition into being upside down?

Who would have thought it was possible?!

Genuine surprise in yourself

Not so specific
Not so serious

Not what or why, but where? 

We sometimes climbed trees

Variations of Orientations

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